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cress edge
This site had been languishing for years; I just couldn’t find the time to devote to it. Nothing really wrong with that, but it was a mosquito in my tent, and it was time to do something about it.

One thing that was long overdue for a purge was the old blog. At one time it was interesting, but the content had become for the most part dated and worthless. Additionally, I had for some time used a private WordPress installation to run the blog, and it was long past time for that to go as well.

Now, I have nothing but respect for the WordPress team, and the product is just astonishingly usable at present; it’s really a fantastic solution for blogging needs. However, it’s large, and large equates to a substantial attack surface. Keeping ahead of the scum was starting to be more trouble than it was worth; blogging is supposed to be a creative outlet, not a source of tedium and worry.

I’ve also noticed among many of the most interesting and prolific bloggers a pattern of turning off comments, in general for the same reason – too much annoyance in pruning the noise. I felt that it was time to follow that path as well; frankly, if someone has something to say to me, email works just fine.

That all taken into consideration, there wasn’t much reason for me to run WordPress any more, so going forward I’ll be using the blogging feature built into the RapidWeaver app that I use to maintain this site. It’s a nice solution, and, most importantly, it’s a very simple solution. I hope that by eliminating the distraction of the more complex environment, I’ll find more time to write here.